The best ideas revolve around innovation.

Photo of an airplane parked by a car.
Photo of an airplane parked by a car.
Photo by Museums Victoria on Unsplash

Humans are capable of incredible creations and remixes of those creations. We have a detailed track record that includes electricity founded by Thomas Edison and airplanes developed under The Wright Brothers, which have allowed for further design and development of new technologies such as Radium's discovery by Madame Marie Curie and the personal computer by Steve Jobs.

These discoveries have reshaped society many times over, impacting all edges of the world. And at the forefront of each technological advancement is an idea.

Ideas can stem from nature or one’s problems.

How to create ideas quickly and evaluate effectively

A designer sketching a drawing on paper.
A designer sketching a drawing on paper.
Photo by Louis Mornaud on Unsplash

Developing products is an iterative process that encompasses several stages: generating ideas that satisfy a need, sketching adequate designs suited to validate the product requirements, prototype solutions that can be tested and iterated upon, and finally ending with a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) ready to be manufactured at a large scale.

For this article, I will go through one of the solutions I worked on that solved a need in my workplace. Several key areas in my process include:

  • Identifying the need — How the need was discovered and how to base requirements on the need
  • Initial Design — Sketch…

A straight-forward guide for engineers, designers, and developers.

An architect at work sits at a wooden desk drawing a sketch.
An architect at work sits at a wooden desk drawing a sketch.
Photo by Daniel McCullough on Unsplash

Design thinking allows creators to imagine new possibilities of how to solve a problem in a literal sense. Such cases provide opportunities for technological innovation, company growth, and eternal customer satisfaction. Design, in its simplest form, can and should have a purpose; A product stems from a design blueprint and creates its own identity. …

Allowing you to develop perseverance and passionate thinking

Image of a rock climber.
Image of a rock climber.
Photo by Alexis Gethin on Unsplash

It isn’t easy — working on a task or heading into a meeting when you don’t want to. The ability to stay focused becomes thwarted every second you stare aimlessly at the screen. As the cursor continues to blink, you can’t help but wonder why can’t I start? What’s holding me up?

You’re waiting for something to propel you forward like a jet turbine forces a plane forward during takeoff.

I agree; it isn’t easy to start anything. The first step is the hardest. Getting to the second step is more energy-intensive. …

Sit down, be humble.

Agricultural heartland of California.
Agricultural heartland of California.
Photo by Adele Payman on Unsplash

I refuse to live my life full of regrets. The current state of the world has further exasperated that feeling for me. It resonates in my head at the start of each day. I don’t want to call it a threat necessarily, but more so a constant reminder of what I don’t want to do. Not being able to say that I gave something a shot doesn’t make sense. I try my best to live a life without regrets.

Momento Mori; Remember that you will die.

This is easier said than done, but I have made big strides in the…

Six soft skills that make a difference in the workplace

Guy in the sunset at a beach, splashing water at a camera.
Guy in the sunset at a beach, splashing water at a camera.
Photo by Cristian Palmer on Unsplash

Working in the industry has exposed me to a few approaches to excelling in projects, gaining crucial collaborations, and fostering coworker/customer relationships. I have not mastered any of these skills by any means but am continually looking to improve them. Let me walk you through what I’ve seen.

Skill #1: Build a support system to help you through the toughest of times.

Henry Cabral

Automation Engineer | Software Developer

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